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#365done emerged from my urge to bring order to my life.

I created Excel tables that reminded me to water flowers, call my mom and change towels and put them on the fridge.
Мои друзья оценили прогресс и начали просить прислать им такие же.
A designer drew the first 30, 100 и 365 day checklists for tracking habits, I uploaded them to Dropbox, and shared the link to them in my column at salatshop.

Strangers started thanking me for that, so when I read ‘Lean Startup’ by Eric Ries, I decided to practice the methods that he described. That’s how I got the idea to build a website and upload 3 checklists. On September 1, 2016 everything was ready. My friend and colleague Dima Alexeev, who also happens to be a super-developer, helped me with the technical side. He built the website and continuously updated it for a year absolutely for free! Thank you, Dima!

We got featured in Afisha daily and in some other cool blogs. Strangers started sending ideas for new checklists. Every month I come up with new checklists and planners, and write about them in a newsletter, on our Telegram channel and on Instagram.

Any checklist can be downloaded for free, you just have to share the link to it on your Facebook page.
In this way new people (your friends) can learn about our project and download some checklists to make their lives easier and better.

Over the past year I had a lot of ideas, some of them were unusual, and some even weird. That is why in September 2017 we launched a checklist design wizard. Now anyone can design their own checklist just for $2 (a cup of coffee costs twice as much, and a glass of wine is four times the price but they won’t help you change your life). How do we spend your money? We pay for services and work. For example, sending the newsletter alone costs over $1000 a year.

I believe in change. I believe that we’re the only ones who can change our lives. I have a lot of work to do on myself. And when I read your emails with feedback on the challenges and stories about the changes in your lives, it feels like I get a 10 fold boost in energy and inspiration to go on.

Varya Vedeneeva, founder of 365done.ru, founder and CEO of Periodica Press, who loves to get things done.

If you represent a brand and want your checklist to appear on our website, get in touch with me.
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